Thursday, July 24, 2008

Am I Delusional?

A new frock to while away the wait...

I figure I will either have a well dressed child...or make a bundle on ebay. Yes...that's the smallest hint of doubt about the adoption creeping in little by little as the months go by with no speed up in sight....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A rug to build a room on (and 9 months!) !

Update: Uhhhh......yeah.....Wendy politely pointed out that we are celebrating our 9 month anniversary instead of the 10 month anniversary I loudly proclaimed yesterday. I have no excuse for my faulty arithmetic except for the fact that I am on vacation and blogging is challenging....and there was probably a little wishful thinking thrown in for good luck! I was intent on getting the post up and trying to watch Lia at the same time. So.....9 months down.....and so many more to go... :-)

As we mark the 9 month anniversary of our Log in Date in China, we remain excited and happy that we will someday welcome our second daughter from China! This week, I found the most precious rug while I was antique shopping with my sister. Although the colors didn't photograph very well, the main color is a peachy pink that will be perfect for our nursery! This was special for me as the first thing I bought for Lia's nursery was a rug as well. Rug....done! Next up...bedding!!