Friday, October 14, 2011

On Being "Jillian"...and the Kindness of Friends...

We have kicked into high gear 'round these parts...big time! We will meet Jillian on November 14th (less than a month if you're keeping track...I sure am!)! In the past week, we have had appointments confirmed in China...and were (FINALLY!) able to purchase airline tickets, turn in notices to work and school for our trip, turn in insurance forms for Jillian...and start to cross items off of our to-do list. It's getting real...and I hover between a state of joy and (happy, relieved, grateful) tears.

I have talked often of one of the most surprising blessings of our adoption(s). We have "met" so many families like ours...some in real life...and others through our blogs and facebook. The "Red Thread" that connects us to our children...most certainly extends to those we meet along the way as well.

When I started Lia's blog about a year after bringing her home, I quickly found other families at the same stage as ours. Checking in on those "virtual friends", gaining tips, learning about their families, sharing, in some small part, their struggles and triumphs...sure made those friendships seem REAL...and indeed they are.

Jim and I have been overwhelmed by the support we have received since announcing our second adoption. Seriously. It makes me cry just typing that. Overwhelmed...with a capital O. While we can still hardly believe our good fortune in being matched with such a special little girl...we never could have foreseen how others, near...and far, would "take Jillian in" as well.

My friend, Sunny, brought home HER Jillian a few months before we brought Lia home (and has since added Sarah Martin...cuteness squared!). ...and though I have never met her face to face...I just know we would hit it off. I would ask her for some handy product recommendations and home decorating tips...and hang on every word in the most non-creepy, non-stalker-y way I could muster. :-) ...and well, she would probably try hard not to be too frightened.

Ha! Just kidding.

Sort of.

Anyway...when she learned that our second Chinese gal was going to be a "Jillian" too...she mentioned she was going to send out a "few things" for us. Because she is all casual and cool like that.

...and even though she lives in the south, several states away,...I think she just MAY have heard my girlie squeals of delight when we opened that package. Seriously...those little monogrammed outfits, COMPLETE WITH BOWS(!), worn by her own sweet Jillian are over the moon cute. Gorgeous. I am honored to dress MY "little" in those darling outfits...and will certainly be blessed each time I do as I remember the kindness behind the over the top cuteness. Thank you so much Sunny.

See what I mean??? Can you even stand it??

...and then, the same day Sunny's happy mail came...we had another surprise. My friend Lori, who has the cutest little Katie from China (someday I hope to photograph her!), sent Jillian the most beautiful, cozy, stunning blanket you can imagine. I know it will be a favorite of Jillian' it is mine. It has been displayed in Jillian's room for the last week...but will be moving soon to our "packing zone" I plan to take it with us to China. I cannot wait to wrap our Jillian in it. I know it will help her feel safe and cozy...and loved. So beautiful. Thank you Lori.

Like I said...overwhelmed with kindness...and so very humbled by the love that has already been showered on Jillian. We cannot wait to meet her and bring her home. We thank everyone who has been a part of our journey. :-)