Friday, December 16, 2011

For Jillian...a love letter...

To my sweet Ying Ying Jillian (as you now call yourself),

You have been with our family for just over one month (one month and two days to be exact...because you are a girl who likes things just so...). I can scarcely believe where we've all been and what we've done over those four short weeks...and yet, here we are, safe at home, Christmas tree twinkling in the corner...and life continuing in it's normalcy all around us. It throws me for a loop every now and then as I contemplate you...and the miracle you are.

When you took your sister's hand and walked out of the Civil Affairs brave and so trusting of us, I knew you were special. I knew the prayers of many many friends and family...and indeed our own daily prayers for many months had been answered. I did not doubt that the hard times would come...the sadness...the confusion...the anger...the grief...but I saw in you, in those first few moments, the determination and the strength that is sure to see you through the inevitable hardships that come our way in life from time to time.

In the months we were waiting for China to tell us it was okay to come and get you, Mommy talked a lot with many other Mommies. In one e-mail...a very special Mommy told me that you would "wow" me every day. I believed her. And she was right.

Ying Ying are a miracle. A gift. I am so overwhelmed to call you daughter. I am so thankful for the days we've shared...and can't wait to see what the next 30 days...and years will bring.

You do, indeed, "wow" me. Every. Single. Day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011