Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Mail and Good Wishes!

At some point I plan to begin a formal collection of quilt squares for our mei mei's 100 Good Wishes Quilt. Since our wait continues to grow with each passing month, I have not been too worried about getting started just yet. But when Kim e-mailed and asked if I would like a quilt square, I was touched...and of course took her up on her offer!

We received her beautiful square and wish this week. It is the first official wish for our daughter to be. I had to cry just a little when I read the wish and saw the lovely fabric. This wait is difficult...but it's moments like these that help me hang on to our dream and have faith.Thanks so much Kim!


Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

That quilt-square is precious!!! Get started now on making the quilt!! We have had Anna Grace for almost a year and it is not complete!

Heldy said...

Hi Kate, I am a fellow adoptive parent. I love that fabric. I am also preparing a quilt for our little china doll, I'd be happy to send you one too:) please e-mail me at

LID 9/4/07
Waiting for Mia MeiLi

Catherine said...


I'm working on making more wishes tonight. If you'd like one I'd be happy to send you one. Just let me know!

Bridget said...

Kate -

Lucy and I would love to send you a quilt square. I just need to get your address. You can e-mail me at

3 Peanuts said...

Don't know why i am just seeing this now...something led me here today...I am going to say a prayer for your sweet angel today!