Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Was That??

Our second and third month LID anniversaries flew by without the grand fanfare I am so fond of, but we celebrate being that much closer none the less. We spent the second month anniversary (December 10th) passing a stomach virus around. We are glad it's gone. We don't want it to come back. Ever. And that's enough about that!

Our 3 month anniversary was spent moving into our new house. We did the bulk of moving between Christmas and New Years. We were thrilled that my mom was able to help us out for a few days with both moving details and taking care of Lia.

We continue to get settled in, but our little house on the hill is starting to feel more and more like home everyday.


Barbie said...

Beautiful blog and home! Welcome to the blogger world!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

That's good! It flew by. We need that. I love your house. It is so pretty.

Good news is that it is also a new month on the calendar and four months down is just right around the corner. You bet I'll be celebrating that with you, my friend.


Heather said...

Pretty, pretty house!!

Glad the move went smoothly, sorry about the stomach bug!