Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Business. And a Pink Hat.

Small confession. I can't juggle. :-) Most days the tail wags the dog around these parts. Don't get me wrong. It's mostly a happy dog...but all that tail wagging makes me tired. And I have a hard time keeping up!

Once upon a time, I loved to blog. As you might imagine...I am not a traditional scrap booker...and my blogs are my legacy to my children. Dramatic? Yes. But so true. The special days, and the everyday, run of the mill days...I want to remember them all. And I want both of my girls to know just how much I treasure them and this {very} fleeting season.

As it turns out, my good intentions of maintaining a blog for Lia, Jillian and my photography business were WAY too ambitious...and I gave up on all of them.

So...I'm making some changes around here. My personal blogs will be merged in the near future (who knew you could do that??? So thrilled!) and I will blog our personal story under ONE {new} name (Whew!)...and my business blog (poor pathetic unused space it is)will also undergo an overhaul to reflect the new changes and directions my photography is going. (I also have a Facebook page here. Thusly adding to the whole juggling failure).

Fingers crossed that this makes things easier!

I am thrilled that in the last few weeks, as I have stuck my toe back into the blog world, I have reconnected with old friends...and found some new ones too.

It's nice to be back. :-)

...and since I am here...and no post is complete without some photos...I bring you Jillian. And a huge pink hat. When she sashayed downstairs in this little number yesterday, I didn't waste a moment getting her outside for some photos. was about 227 degrees outside yesterday. And the only thing Jillian was feeling was sweaty.


Oh she looked smashing...and she knew it...


But my attempts to get her to "look at the camera" were apparently translated as "open your mouth wide and look away"...


We're working VERY hard on her English by the way.

Also on the list is the word "smile". At this point, I think she must be translating this as "show Mommy your teeth".


They are SUCH cute little teeth though. She just aced her first dental exam last week. Rock on little tiger. Rock on. Grrrr.

And the last "My head is hot and I am done now" photo.


Just the kind of 10 minutes I love in an otherwise "normal" day.

The kind of moments that make MY life extraordinary.

And the reason I adore blogging. :-)


Sharon Ankerich said...

I am thankful to be reading your blog and seeing your precious baby!!! XO

Courtney said...

I love reading your blog. She is so adorable even if she wasn't giving you the exact smile you wanted!

Jodee said...

Welcome back! Love the sweet face and big pink hat! So cute!

lori carolina said...

Oh goodness, she's adorable!!!! lol

Gail said...

I am thinking that pink is her color, though probably she'd look great in any color. She's precious with any expression and do I see a little sass or spark in those eyes?
I know she keeps you on your toes. ;)