Sunday, July 1, 2012

A TaLe of TwO SisTerS {Sunday Snapshot}


We have been home with Jillian for just over 7 months (whoa!). I remember reading a blog post by an adoptive mom several years ago where she suggested that it takes a good six months to truly start to settle in and feel "normal" again after the addition of a child (biological or adopted!). That kind of stuck with me (obviously) and before we traveled to China, I had prepared myself for {possible} rocky roads and a {possible} difficult period of adjustment for all of us.

Well...if you haven't gotten it from reading this blog...we have been extraordinarily blessed with a wonderfully easy transition with Jillian. She is SO easy-going, loving, trusting...just easy. She eats, sleeps, plays, cries, laughs and just generally meets each day head-on looking for the next adventure.

Having said that...I have to admit that it hasn't been ALL rainbows and unicorns around here. :-)

There's a new sheriff in town and the....ahem...OLD sheriff had a bit of a bigger adjustment than we thought she would.

Jillian adores Lia...



...and I know Lia loves Jillian too...



...but it HAS been a bit of a work in progress.

On a daily basis. :-)

We've been on summer vacation for two weeks...and I am thrilled to say it seems we may have tunred the corner onto Sibling Love Lane for good. While we still take a turn on to Squabble Drive or Give Me a Break Way from time to time (usually around the time I am trying to get dinner on the table each day!)...I see them each settling into a good routine with one another...a nice mix of doing their own thing and playing together as well.

Yesterday we took a short trip to a local historic park to explore a bit. I had my camera to scope out locations for some upcoming family sessions...but when I saw all those painted doors I HAD to get a few of the girls. Sometimes the bloopers are my favorites! (This truly makes me laugh...hilarious...and SO them!)


...and then of course...the kind of shot my husband insists I take. The children are as enthusiastic as me. We!love!canons! LOVE! Can you tell?? :-) (see Jim??? I DID put it on the blog...because we love you if NOT your choice of backdrops! Ha! :-))


But then...I get lucky enough to capture a quick moment between Lia and Jillian that makes all the struggles (photographic and other!) worth it. I stopped to reset my camera settings...and left to their own devices...this is what happened. Like I said...Sibling Love Lane. I have proof...and I am saving it to look at tomorrow.

Around the time I will be trying to get dinner on the table. :-)


I am linking up once again with Stefanie (third week in a row...shut.the.front.door!). Click on the link below to enjoy some more Sunday Snapshot'll be SO glad you did. Good stuff.

Ni Hao Yall


Melanee Carmela Packard said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 you have SUCH a lovely and amazing family!!

Marla-Dee said...


I have enjoyed watching your family grow with Jillian. She is such an amazing little girl and Lia is such a beautiful big sister!

Wishing you continued happiness with your family! xoxo

Natalie said...

These are precious pictures of beautiful girls! Your black and white processing is so lovely!

Ruthie said...

So sweet!

Eva said...

How great to see your girls' bond growing as time goes on.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

OH!MY!WORD! That first one is INCREDIBLE! What a beautiful shot!

So happy to hear they are building that bond. It's so sweet when you can capture it.

Gail said...

Happy that you're keeping it real with how things are going. In hindsight with my own it took a good year to see them connect and care about each other. The princess in our house had her crown tipped a little from the new boy that invaded her territory!

By the way, the bloopers many times are my faves too!!

That first one is just plain and simple beautiful.

Joy Lenz said...

My older daughter had a rough adjustment to sisterhood. Her little sister adored and tormented her from the start. It took a looong time, but they are now the best of friends. The bond between them is wonderful to watch. Your girls remind me of mine - they're around the same ages and my little one has a hand much like Jillian's.

the meaklims said...

Oh my word, this is what I want for my girls sooooo bad... I am praying daily for it. Not for everything to be perfect... but for them to know they have each other... this post just made my day... even though I was a bit late getting to the party! :)

Must keep the 6 month mark in mind, I like little tidbits like this. this is the stuff I'll need to know...soon!

Your pictures capture a beautiful relationship, I just adore that one of them lying in bed together. Btw, Tell your hubby, Canons Rule, but only when it comes to cameras!! Heh! ;) Kidding of course!


Tera said...


3 Peanuts said...

I am SO happy to see that you are posting again. I really do love the blogging community. There are a lot of really good peeps here.

Jillian looks like a little angel and it looks as though Lia has gotten so tall. I am sure she is a fabulous big sister!!!

lori carolina said...

Oh these are adorable!! Now you have the sisterly love shot as a reminder. That cannon shot is hilarious! :)