Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We have just passed the two week mark with Jillian...and we are amazed at just how far she has come. She had her first doctor's appointment yesterday...and received four immunizations. Today she is battling a fever...but is still just as sweet and smiley as she can be.

One of the things I worried most about was communicating with Jillian in the first few weeks. I can honestly say that this has been a non-issue. She makes her needs known by pointing (and saying the Chinese words as well). We just keep trying until we get it right. She shakes her head no until we do...and has been so patient with us! Additionally, she really seems to understand what we are saying to her! She follows directions like, "Put it in the trash can", "Give it to Lia", and "Do you want to take a bath?" (which she LOVES now, by the way!).

And in the past three days or so, we have seen a small explosion of English words creeping in to her vocabulary. I wanted to take a minute to get those words down so I can remember one day how it all happened...

Lia (although she really calls Lia "Mia" so insistently, I jokingly asked Lia if we should change her name! :-))
thank you (SO cute!)
love you
bye bye

...and my favorite:

hello ("he-no" said with great gusto! :-)). She says this when she "answers" her play cell darling.

She has gotten much better about putting on different clothes each day...and yesterday picked a new pair of shoes from her closet to wear...the first pair since we got her. They happened to be two sizes too big...but they were sneakers like Lia had on...and she was so happy with them, that I just put them on and off we went. Still the cutest three year old ever...even with clown feet. :-)

We are still shaking our heads over how easily Jillian has fit into our family and lives. She is a joyful, determined, sweet, giving child. We are so so thankful and humbled by the blessing of having her home forever.


Julie said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog but I am in love with little Jillian. And thank you for this post, it is timely. We travel in 2 weeks to bring home our 2.5 year old from Chongqing. Lately my biggest fear is communication! You are giving me confidence that we will survive. Thank you :)

my3 kids said...

Jillian sounds like such a sweet little girl who seems to fit into your family perfectly in only a matter of weeks...we are so happy for your family and so happy that Jillian doesn't have to wait anymore. What a wonderful Christmas season you will all have being together:) Best wishes,

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I'm so thankful she is doing well. What an answer to prayer!!! She is a little miracle:)

Rebecca said...

Your little girl is absolutely precious!!! We are in the process of adopting a limb difference child as well. I hope her adjustment goes as well as Jillian's has.


Maci Miller said...

So amazing, Kate! What a precious addition to your family! So glad it's going so well!