Sunday, November 6, 2011

Travel Itinerary/Prayer Requests

My friend, Lisa, who traveled to China just about a month ago to bring home her sweet Millie Mei, posted an itinerary with specific prayer requests for each day of their trip. As I cheered her on from the other side of the world, these requests gave focus to me in my daily prayers for them and I was happy to support them in this specific way.

I have decided to do the same...and if you are so inclined we would be happy for your prayers and/or good thoughts during each day of the journey ahead!

November 11th/12th: Traveling. Leave Newark the afternoon of the 11th, to arrive in Hong Kong the evening of the 12th. Please pray for a safe and easy flight for all of us. I am not sure Lia has fully grasped the idea of 16 hours in flight...and for those of us who do....well...we need the prayers.

November 13th: We will take the noon train into mainland China. Please pray for safe travels and that we are able to figure out HOW to get to the train station as we will not meet our guide until we get to Guangzhou.

November 14th: Jillian Day. Please pray that somehow Jillian senses our love and is not too scared. Jim and I would appreciate prayers for a calm sense of direction as we guide our two daughters through a difficult transition. We hope that we are able to provide them BOTH with the support they need.

November 15th: We will go back to the Civil Affairs Bureau to do the adoption registration. This is our official adoption day in the eyes of the Chinese Government. Please pray that the return to the Office is not traumatic for Jillian...and that all paperwork is completed smoothly.

Novmeber 16th: A day for shopping! We ask for prayers for Jillian's continued bonding with us.

November 17th: Visa photo for Jillian/medical exam/TB test. We ask for prayers for Jillian's comfort...and that all of her tests get the all clear.

November 18th: I will be visiting the orphanage this morning. I ask for prayers for comfort and peace as I anticipate this to be very emotional. Also, I have been asked by several families to try to photograph their children and this weighs heavily on me. I would appreciate prayers that I am able to do that for them. Finally, I ask for prayers that I am able to adequately express our thank you to the staff who cared for our Jillian so lovingly for three years. I also ask for prayers for Jim as he takes care of both girls for the first time by himself while I am at the orphanage. :-)

In the afternoon we will be taking a sightseeing tour of Yuntai Park.

November 19th: Get results of TB test. Tour Yuexiu Park. Please pray for a clear TB test and continued bonding for our family.

November 20th: Sightseeing tour of Chen Family Temple. Please pray for our continued health and bonding.

November 21st: We will receive Jillian's passport. Please pray for our continued health and bonding.

November 22nd:We will travel to the American Consulate for Jillian's Oath Taking Ceremony. I remember this being very emotional for me with Lia. It is the last official act we need to complete before bringing Jillian to the US. We ask for prayers that everything goes smoothly.

November 23rd: We will receive Jillian's visa and then hop the train back to Guangzhou. We ask for prayers that we stay organized and healthy in getting us all packed up and ready for travel. We will spend the night in Hong Kong.

November 24th: Fly home! We will have a layover in Tokyo, Japan. We ask for prayers for safe travels and that all flights leave on time. This will be Jillian's first time in a plane and we ask that you pray for her comfort. We ask that you pray for Jim and I as this trip home is something we have been thinking (and worrying) about a lot in the past few months. We did not have an easy trip home with Lia...and while we got through it...we have no desire to repeat it. We pray that we all stay healthy, are able to sleep a little...and...dare I say...even try to enjoy the flight. :-)

We will arrive home on Thanksgiving afternoon....definitely a day of thanks for our family! Miss Jillian will officially become a US citizen the minute her feet hit the ground. In Newark.(I just know that should be followed by a "ba-dum-dum" on the drums...but this is a serious I will leave the ironic humor for another time). We ask that you pray for our quick trip through the immigration line with our paperwork and two tired girls. :-)

Our family has been showered with support from the moment we announced we were adding Jillian. I have stated it here before...but we are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring. We sincerely thank each and every one of you who has supported us in any way during this long journey. We have been blessed by you all in ways that I could never articulate. We are honored to have you all in our corner. Thank you.


Kam said...

Consider it done, my friend! Reading all of these details just makes me weepy. So incredibly excited for you and I will continue {as I have been} lifting you all up and trust that even in the midst of unknown circumstances, you will find Him most faithful.

Love and prayers~

Laurie said...

I'm just imagining how you felt writing this... thinking of each of these days... that are JUST around the corner. I look forward to praying for you and to seeing your family of 4 come together! :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

It is almost time for you to leave!!!!! I'm so excited for you:)
Praying for everyone and especially for peace in her precious heart. Big hugs my friend!!

Mireille said...

So special reading this day to day list and for sure we will be praying for you all 4 on each day. All the way of the other end of the world people will pray and think of you while you are going through this precious time!!

Anonymous said...

We will be following your journey to Jillian and praying for your family! Sweet birthday pics of your girl...what a treasure!

Love "the other" Kate & Jillian

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Can't wait!!!! Love you sweet girl!!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

I mean I knew you wouldn't be blogging yet but it doesn't hurt to check, right?!

Praying all the travels went well and you found some rest on some portion of it.

Jillian day is getting closer...