Sunday, June 17, 2012

{JOy as BiG aS thE OcEaN} Sunday Snapshot


Last year at this time, we were here at the beach...dreaming big about the coming year and knowing that THIS year, Jillian would be with us. Truly, almost everything we talked about started with the phrase, "Next year, when Jillian is home..."...

...and now, here we are. We blew in to our favorite island Saturday, packed to the gills and looking forward to the week ahead. Although we spent a weekend here in the winter, we couldn't wait to see Jillian step on the sand for the first time...and experience the thrill of the ocean water (and on the Jersey shore...part of that thrill has to do with the COLD water!).

We threw open the sliders while we unpacked the car...and Jillian was mesmerized by the "big kids" on the beach. Every time we told her we would go play in the water, she cheered loudly. And I am not kidding when I say she asked us 112 times about it. She is nothing if not persistent. :-)

By the time groceries has been bought, suitcases unpacked and dinner served, it was getting close to bedtime. But I had a plan for Jillian's first time on the beach...and I am so glad I pushed through. Several years ago, I brought a pink pettiskirt for Lia to do photos on the beach. She was so excited to see the water...and on a whim, I threw the skirt on the minute we arrived and off we went. I captured some of my favorite photos ever of Lia wearing that skirt, so happy and filled with joy to be at the shore. The skirt is still a bit big for my little girl...but in the words of Tim Gunn (who doesn't love that man??)...we "made it work" capture Jillian's reaction to HER first visit to the beach! (and she did not disappoint!!!). I am so excited to have "matching" photos of my girls...taken years apart...but sharing the same happiness!

Her fist glimpse of the ocean...


I wish I could share the giggles that came out of her when her feet felt the sand for the first time! It was a puzzler for sure!!


A little nervous about the waves at first...




But then...she decided she liked it...and I am so glad I had my camera in hand. Really...we were on the beach such a short time...but these moments will forever be etched in my mind. I am SO glad Jillian is home...and so glad I have the honor of being her mother. Blessed beyond reason...and so so grateful.


Edited to add this photo of Lia in the pettiskirt several years ago. When I posted the link on Facebook someone asked if I could post a photo from Lia's session. I didn't think I had any on this computer...but lo and behold...I found one!!! :-)_-2

{photos taken with a Canon 50d (bought secondhand but works like a champ! :-)) and a 50mm 1.8 lens}

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Ni Hao Yall


Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Kate I love this series of pictures!!!!!! love love love!!!! Your work is so beautiful!!!!

Kristy LifenReflection said...

Gorgeous captures of such a sweet moment!

Erin Martin said...

Beautiful photos! We did the same thing last year. "next year when Eliana is home..." And now she is and everything seems a little more joyous because of her!

Stefanie said...

Beautiful images of your new daughter... congratulations on her arrival home :)

Natalie said...

Gorgeous! I just love these photos of your darling girl.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful post Kate! xoxoxo

Tera said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love the lighting, the skirt, her beauty, and above all her's like I can feel her giggle through the picture! So perfect! (Love Tim Gunn too!)

JulieM said...

Darling picture of your sweet gir!