Friday, June 29, 2012

{Don't FalL OvEr}...'s the second post in a week.

Because I am a younger sister.

Happily so, mind you...but a second nonetheless. And really? That's a good place to be. A LOT less pressure...and there's always someone to look out for you. I like it here in secondom (and with all that less pressure, it frees me up to coin new words. Like secondom...just sayin'...).

But it makes me just a bit more sensitive to things like noting all the important passages of life....and just the everydayness (again with the new be honest I have been working hard to get a word added to the dictionary ever since Beyonce got credit for the word "bootyliscious"...but I digress...).

My Lia's younger years were fairly well documented...and well...I want the same for my Jillian. :-) It's not that any of HER moments are less important...because we have enjoyed it seems to have more to do with how busy life is keeping us.

We have been home just over 7 months with Jillian...and things seem to be settling into a new {fabulous...but busy} normal. Time seems to be passing in warp speed...and I am already losing some of the details. promises...because, you know, that is WAY too much pressure for me, a second daughter and all...but I am going to try REALLY hard to document our life with Jillian just a bit better.

Whew. that out of the way.

Which means I can now move onto the good stuff.

About a girl and a sprinkler.

Old school summer fun at it's best.

Jillian hated it.

As if.


I actually have yet to find an activity the child does NOT love...



She took some time to explore...


...but mostly, like Forrest Gump...wherever she was goin'...she was running...


But always with a smile.


So glad I get to come along for the ride. :-)



Sharon Ankerich said...

A precious doll!!! XO

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter. It just reminds me how kids find so much joy in the simplist things. Her swimsuit is adorable.

Laurie said...

Well, I for one am thrilled that you are planning on documenting more on your blog! :) LOVE these pictures of your sweet "second". She is absolutely precious!!

Ruthie said...

I love the last photo!! So beautiful!

lori carolina said...

Oh goodness, how can you stand her cuteness?! I love the sideview closeup and also the last one, but they're all sweet and her suit is adorable!