Sunday, June 24, 2012

{SerEnDipiTy} ~Sunday Snapshot


My life has not turned out the way I planned. I say that often. But I always follow up with..."it has turned out better than I ever could have hoped."

And it's all a marvel to me on a daily basis. I am so so thankful for so many blessings...but mostly for the three people I live with.

A chance conversation with a co-worker at a part-time job led to the blind date with the man I would eventually marry. (See mom...Prince Charming really DID come knocking at my door!!)

A chance conversation with the {somewhat crazy...but that's a story for another time} Social Worker who came to do our home visit for a domestic adoption led us switch gears and find our first daughter in China.

The road to our Jillian is a bit more complicated but no less miraculous. In fact probably more so...and I know without a doubt that a much bigger Hand orchestrated it all.


...and in SORT of the same way...a happy accident led to one of my most favorite photo shoots ever.

The aforementioned accident happened during a visit to a nearby mall (in an attempt to escape the scorching heat) . And it required...ahem...the purchase of a new pair of {dry} undies. When I was buying them, I spotted the dearest little pink bathing suit. On sale. DEEPLY discounted. I did what I had to. It was a must have. Can you blame me??


...and even though I had promised (and held to!) my big girl to keep the beach shoots to a minimum...I had made no deals with the little one. Total score.


So...I had the suit...and visions of what I wanted to capture...but we had no swim cap. I sent my husband (I KNOW!) out to search the one beach store on our small island with no big hopes that he would find what we needed. And he came back with the perfect cap. For which he proudly told me had to ask for help to find. I was indeed VERY proud that he took the time to ask (which in fact MAY be the biggest miracle of this whole post... :-)).


That miracle was followed closely by the miracle of actually getting Jillian to put on the cap.


We kept Jillian up past her bedtime to take advantage of some beautiful light that we noticed every once pink and golden and soft...perfect.

She didn't seem to mind.


...and in true Jillian fashion, she did not disappoint.


I ended up with a series of basically unplanned photos that capture my girl at her best...and bring a tear to my eye every time I look at them. Serendipity. Those unplanned moments in life? I'll take them!


I'm playing along again this week with Stefanie at Ni Hao Y'all. To see some awesome Sunday Snapshots click the link! You'll be glad you did!

Ni Hao Yall


Amy said...

Absolutely stunning. You daughter is breath-takingingly beautiful. {Here from Sunday Snapshot!}

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

These are SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the story behind them too. Oh how they just take me to another place. Dreamy!

Ruthie said...

Great post and beautiful photos!

Eva said...

These photos are just precious!

Love the suit and cap. Just perfect.

My daughter also has an arm like yours.

Allison said...

Kate, you continue to amaze me! I have you in mind for so many future bookings ;)

Stefanie said...

Just gorgeous! And score on that bathing suit... so sweet!
P.S. Your hubby did GREAT picking out that swim cap, too :)

Gail said...

You already know how I feel about all of these stunningly beautiful images! The first one of her is truly breathtaking. You are one blessed person to have her in your life.


Natalie said...

Cuteness overload! Just lovely.

Ellie said...

These are beautiful!! And I love your entire post - beautifully written as well as photographs!

Serendipity :)

Ps my favorite image is actually the second from the last - in addition to being lovely, it makes me wonder what she is looking at, or thinking about!

xo ellie

Jewels of My Heart said...

absolutely breathtaking...

Judy Deaton said...

LOVE!!! ......the bathing suit, the swim cap, the pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, what a beautiful story. I just adore the close up with her looking straight at the camera, but the one that gets me the most is when her feet are off the sand in a jump of joy! How blessed she is to be a part of your special family! God sure did know what he was doing!

Jen said...

OMG, Kate. These pictures are absolutely STUNNING! Jillian is just gorgeous. I love love love the pink and that sweet cap on her. But really, her face is the star of the show! Just precious!

Ginny said...

She is beautiful.

Kristi said...

Kate, I've loved seeing these on Facebook but they're so much prettier here!

My absolute favorite is the one with her jumping in the air. She seems like such a joyful little girl.

And I married a man I met on a blind date too . . . the only blind date I ever went on!

Christine said...

So gorgeous, I can hardly stand it! Such a beautiful little girl, and a very talented Mama! Thank you for sharing AND inspiring. My Acadia is also missing a hand...but it hasn't slowed her down one bit. Kids are amazing!

amy said...

Everything about this picture is lovely...the lighting...your beautiful daughter...the hint of her ADORABLE swimsuit and of course the swim cap that she totally rocks! Also love the one of her jumping in the sweet! These are the moments that make our hearts sing.

Courtney said...

What a beautiful post. She could not be any cuter in that swimsuit.

the meaklims said...

are you serious?? These pictures are amazing, and all with plenty of miracles to get you to this exact place! God is good!

I used to be a (shy!) follower of your first daughter's blog, Lia, I had no idea you were waiting again, and in fact, have another *gorgeous* daughter - Jillian.

Accept my belated congrats. And congrats also on the stunning, I mean STUNNING photo shoot.


DiJo said...

Kate, I agree... These photos of your very beautiful Jillian are breathtaking!!!!!!


lori carolina said...

Wow, these are just stunning!!! I love so many of them but my fav is of her jumping!!!!!