Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Snapshot. Just one. F'real.


It has been a week of ca-razy fun around these parts. We packed the car and headed Grandparent/Cousin central where we spent the week lounging pool side, playing carefree and just generally sucking every last drop of fun out of this summer that we could.

I was thrilled to work in several Senior photo sessions during the week...including my oldest niece...which will be a post of it's own sometime soon. I had some crazy ideas for her session...and she was on board completely. Really SO special for me...and I am so thrilled with the results that I have ALMOST forgiven her for going and growing up.

I also did a quick "Back to School" session with Lia, Jillian and my youngest nieces. Also lots of fun...despite the youngest little student who enjoyed walking around more than actually taking part. :-) I have some hilarious outtakes of that shoot... but again...a whole post in the making.

So I woke up this morning. thinking of all the packing I needed to get done to come home and realized I had kind of left out one of my nieces. Although she has modeled for me tons of times...we didn't hook up this week ONE time.

And that?

Just ain't right. :-)

I made the necessary calls, the child (and I am using that term VERY loosely...because like the rest of the children in my life she is refusing to heed my requests to stop growing up. Sigh.) may or may not have been awakened from a deep sleep, ideas were thrown about in quick succession and 40 minutes later we were on location.

Uhhh...I think it was worth it.

Like...holy cow...take my breath AWAY...worth it.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Especially a totally thrown together last minute plan.

Really really good stuff.

A perfect ending to a perfect week...and a fitting good-bye to this most golden of summers.


The Photo 4-1-1:

Canon 50D
ISO 250

This photo was edited with Florabella Actions {Splendor and Classic Color} and with Sunflare by Nicole Van. Head wreath by Pink & Pigtails.

Because it's Sunday...I am linking up with Stephanie. Click the link below to find some honest to goodness photo genius...and meet some really nice people along the way! You'll be SO glad you did!

Ni Hao Yall


Some Difference said...


Stefanie said...

Wow... this picture is stunning, Kate!

Hannah said...

Seriously. You have SUCH an amazing gift...and she is freakishly beautiful!

Gail said...

Incredible image, Kate!!! Spectacular...

Lisa said...

Smashing!! Gorgeous eyes on that girl!

Katherine said...

Absolutely captivating! Summer has gone too fast, hasn't it?

Monica said...


Sharon Ankerich said...

Gorgeous just doesn't even touch it!!! LOVE LOVE!!!

lori carolina said...

May be just one, but it's a beauty!!!