Sunday, August 12, 2012

Treasures {Sunday Snapshot}


I recently found myself discussing with Lia the phenomenon of "happy tears". It certainly is not the first time we have had this, it appears, I am a frequent flier in the realm of "happy tears".

It's not pretty.

I know this because my sister wrote me the most beautiful thank you note when I was her Maid of Honor. Her last line read, "Don't cry when reading this note. It's not your best look."

As if.

I appreciated the sentiment...but it did nothing to stem the waterworks.

Everyone could use a sister like her I tell you. F'real.

...anyway...back to the reason for this post. I cried the ugly "happy cry" because my husband loves a good garage sale.

And he is passing that...ahem...passion...right down to Lia.

While I am a firm believer that one man's junk man's junk, as it turns out, neighborhood garage sales are an excellent place to spend Tooth Fairy money (lots of bang for your buck!)...and hopefully learn the value of a dollar along the way.

I am so proud that Lia more often than not comes home with a little something something for Jillian too. So proud.

But that doesn't normally bring on the tears.

It's that genuine plastic carousel/music box/jewelry keeper beauty in the photo that brought me down. And not for the reason you might think. :-)

Lia came home cradling that contraption like it was made of solid gold one Saturday in June. She declared it her "most favorite treasure" ever. THERE IS EVEN JEWELRY INSIDE THE DRAWERS MOM!( ...and I use the term "jewelry" loosely here). But to her seven year old eyes...magical.

A treasure to be sure.

Jillian was equally besotted.

Causing many...shall I say...disagreements...about who was going to play with it.

And how.

And when.

That nearly drove me to tears of another sort.

But since this is a family blog...I am going to stick to the happy.

We finally put it up on a shelf in Lia's room where we could all gaze upon it's loveliness whenever we chose.

Never underestimate the value of a high shelf.

Peace reigned once again...until one night a few weeks ago...Lia and her carousel made me cry.

Lia has taken to getting both herself AND Jillian ready for bed each night as a "surprise" for us.

They scamper upstairs and I can hear Lia coaching Jillie through putting on her pajamas, brushing her teeth...and using the potty.

On this particular night, Jillian was a bit resistant to the whole potty part of the routine. I heard Lia tell Jillian that she would give her a "present" if she did it. So Jillian did it.

I headed upstairs to make sure Lia would honor her promise to find her scanning the shelves in her bedroom. I suggested a hair bow or ribbon...but she wasn't satisfied. She asked me to take Jillian into my room to wait for the surprise.

I could hear her pushing her stool around...a little banging...and then..there she was.

With the genuine plastic carousel/music box/jewelry keeper beauty.

I tried to quickly point out that she needn't part with such a dear possession...but Lia was adamant. She was proud of Jillian and she wanted her to have the treasure "because she loves it so much Mom. It will make her SO happy."

So you know where this ends right? the bathroom, trying to hide my sobbing from the children, all the while babbling incoherently to Jim about what just happened. He thought I was hurt at first.

I think I gave them all a scare.

But it WAS a happy cry.

And even though I wasn't pretty...I sure was proud of MY treasure.


The Photo 4-1-1:

{Canon 50d, 50mm, f/2.5, 1/60}
{Edited with actions from the Florabella Collection}

Hello Sunday! Check out some really great photography! (and be sure to stop by here later this week. Coming up? A video of Jillian yodeling! It's a don't miss!!) :-)

Ni Hao Yall


Brooke said...

Ok- Now I'M sitting here crying! What a truly beautiful story! I also love the title of your blog. We've only been waiting since June 2011, but we have no end in sight, and it's really daunting on me. Love the reminder that sometimes, all God is calling us to do is just wait. xoxo! Brooke :)

Dardi said...

Oh my heart, I have told my children more than once that a mama's greatest treasure is witnessing her children loving each other! (And greatest source of happy tears!)

Courtney said...

What a beautiful photo and story!

Amy said...

Oh my! You brought me to tears, as well!! BEAUTIFUL pictures! & an absolutely beautiful memory!! How wonderful!!
(visiting from Sunday Snapshot)

tiarastantrums said...

awww - the love between sisters!

Jodee said...

What a sweet post! Adorable picture too!

P.S. Hooray for happy tears!

Eva said...

What a beautiful moment. I think you're gonna have to work on that happy tears thing a bit and make it your best look...or close to it. ;)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Beautiful moment!!! I find as I get older the happy tears happen more & more.

Stefanie said...

So, so sweet! And you captured it beautifully :)

Jenna said...

Absolutely precious!

the meaklims said...

What a beautiful daughter you have, Kate.
She brought me to tears too.
I get the feeling, she has learned her selflessness from her Mama.

Seriously, dressing Jillian as a surprise for you... she already had me there, but then giving up that carousel... I would have been sobbing on the bathroom too.

You have so much to be proud of, what a beautiful reminder this photo is too, it's so soft and tells a truly beautiful story - I can tell from Lia's eyes that this act was truly genuine and selfless.

Sigh, you're a blessed Mama!


Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Kate this is one of my all time favorite pictures...I love it!! What a beautiful post. xoxo

Gail said...

Well, she's learned from to be a giving, caring person. I would be crying too...and I have a huge soft spot in my heart for sisters and that relationship. I have a sister that is the best!

Beautiful capture, Kate...the image shows such love between the two.

Tera said...

Beautiful picture. Beautiful heart.

Sharon Ankerich said...

A beautiful post!!! LOVE! XO

Lynne said...

Beautiful,if that isn't love I am not sure what is...I love how Lia is watching her play with the carousel!

Renee Cherry said...

Awwe I loved this story! I'm proud of Lia and how mature and giving she is.

3 Peanuts said... you have me crying here. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL story of love!!! I LOVE this post.

A cute story... (and one of my very first blog post was about Harry crying happy tears. We surprised the boys with our puppy Scout. Harry was so happy. I asked him if he was crying and he said, no my eyes are just all wet. He did not know you could cry happy tears.

lori carolina said...

And now I'm crying. Wow, what an incredibly beautiful story .... you have two amazing girls!!!