Monday, August 27, 2012

Passages {Sunday Snapshot}


It's that time of year...the changing of seasons that makes one stop and take stock. Perhaps fall, for me, more than any other, is the season that evokes introspection...a check on where I've been, where I am...and where I'm going.

The promise of a fresh start, pencils with sharp points AND erasers, new lunch adventures just over the horizon.

It's all good.

But I would be lying if I said that THIS particular impending fall isn't giving me slight heart palpitations.

Not full blown anxiety.

Just yet.

But heart fluttering, fighting back some tears kind of feelings. Worry and anticipation all rolled into one.

I will be returning to work this fall to the Middle School where I have worked for ten years. Lia will start Second Grade...and sweet Jillian will attend a full day Montessori School right down the street from where I work.

We love the school. Truly. Lia attended for five years. They are like family to us...supported us through our adoption of Jillian...and I have no doubt Jillian will flourish there.

If I could just loosen the the heartstrings a bit and let her go with grace.

Again...the whole worry AND anticipation at the same time thing. Tough stuff I tell you. I'm working on it...

But...for now, we have one more week to enjoy our leisurely summer schedule around here...and we are going to suck every last drop of fun out of it that we can.

Denial calling...(I know!)

On other fronts, it has been a whirlwind of photo shoots for me over the last two weeks...I have been so blessed...and so honored. One of the most special was the Senior shoot I did with my niece Renee.

If you read my know I adore that girl more than I could ever say...the girl who made me an aunt. The first grandchild in our family. I could not ask for a better role model for my girls...she is just a delight in every way.

Focused and fun...hardworking and somehow laid back at the same time. She left her small hometown last year, as a junior to attend a boarding school...and by all accounts has made a success of that decision (and total score for us because she is only an hour and 1/2 away now!). I can hardly wait to see what the coming year(s) bring for her.

We did part of our session a sunflower fun...and a first for me as a photographer...but definitely not the last!





For our second location we both wanted to do something a bit different. Dare I say...moody...

Over the years I have done a ton of photos with we thought we would shake it up a bit (for us that is!). We found a great location (so lucky to have a brother in law with an empty warehouse attic!)...battled some cobwebs...and only one (small) hole in the floor...and lived outside of the box for a bit. Although I had my flash with me...I really wanted to use the available light to make the photos a bit more dramatic. It definitely was a bit of trial and error for me...but thankfully, Renee was patient...and we both love the results of the shoot.




Even as I type this, time is marching on. Ready or not, we will soon bid good bye to the golden days of summer. We'll all soon be off and running...some of us at the end of a journey, some of us at the beginning...and me?

Somewhere in the middle...trying to hang on tight to the kite strings on both ends...laughing, wiping the tears...but always, always...counting my blessings along the way. Here's to new adventures and new opportunities! :-)


Photo 4-1-1: {Canon 50D, 50mm 1.8, ISO 640, f/2.2, shutter 1/25}

Edited with actions from the Florabella Collection.

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Ni Hao Yall


Ally and Jim said...

Beautifully said and such beautiful pictures !

Stefanie said...

So beautiful, Kate! What a find in that old building... perfect light, perfect backdrop for a stunning photo shoot!

Eva said...

Just gorgeous...the photos and the girl. ;)

I just love the shots in the warehouse attic. Beautiful. Period.

Hannah said...

These are beautiful! I have a special spot for my niece too :) She's my first baby girl.

Good luck this year :)